You love cigar and that is great to know but, in many cases, you found that your stored cigar gets soft and spongy destroying the charm of smoking cigar. In most of the cases you blame the brand for poor manufacturing or low-quality material, but do you know your storing habits can also be a reason behind the performance of your cigar. We understand the fact that buying one single pack at a time is not possible for you and so you prefer to buy in a bunch and store it with you so that you can enjoy it when and where you want. So, you must know the atmosphere you need to give to flavored cigars like cafeina.

Well, the ideal storage atmosphere for a cigar needs to have on average 70% humidity at 68 degrees Fahrenheit. You need to understand that Air present at different temperatures is going to hold completely a different volume of moisture. So, to hold is moisture and the infused flavors like strawberry, mint or even cafeina you need to follow the correct storage techniques. You need to have Humidifying Devices, Humistats or Sponges or Paper Towels to hold the moisture of the cigar and well as its flavor.

If you are choosing a humidifying device for storage of cigar then ensure that you are using distilled water to fill the humidifying device. So now you know how to take care of your cigar and enjoy its true charm while enjoying the same to spark up your mood. Select the flavored cigars depending on your taste for the best experience. Cafeina is a mass favorite flavor of cigar and you will love it too.

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